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30 November-1 December 2011

KICC Nairobi Kenya

The Conference was first run in 2007 to bring together researchers, medical practitioners and ICT personnel to share information on the developments in the use of ICT to improve health care in Africa. We have in the past addressed the use of ICT to improve patient safety and enhance healthcare delivery in Africa, (especially East Africa). This provided a wealth of topics which will be included in this year's AfriHealth Conference.

Previous Themes:
2007: Advancing ICT for Patient Safety in Healthcare in Africa
2008: Changing the Pace of Healthcare in Africa
2009: ICT in Healthcare – Are we doing enough for Africa

The theme for AfriHealth 2011 questions the extent of current research and development using ICT technology and the amount of effort being made to progress ICT developments in the African Healthcare arena. We believe that we can do much more than is presently being done for Healthcare. The Conference, in its fourth year, will be the meeting point for all healthcare participants to share ideas, showcase developments, and develop action plans to speed up improvements in the industry.

2011 Conference Themes:
* Public/Private partnership in Telemedicine
* E-health Strategies for Government
* Health Management Systems for Africa
* Optinc fibre vs VSAT – How will they benefit the Healthcare Delivery
* Telemedicine for Africa?
* Public/Private partnership
* What Telemedicine/eHealth offers today for optimizing healthcare
* “Strengthening ART Pharmaceutical Commodity Management through use of Appropriate ICTs
* SMS Solutions for Enhanced Patient Safety
* A new perspective of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Systems using ICT
* Structures for Support and Development of the Application of ICT in Kenyan Healthcare Delivery
* Internet based learning programmes for Nurses and Clinicians extends its reach throughout Africa
* Health Informatics and Human Resources for Health
* E-Health Programmes in Kenya
* Pioneering work in Regional Health Improvement and the Use of ICT in ECSA Projects

Objective of the conference:
The objective is to use IT to establish health care information systems cutting across primary, secondary and tertiary health care systems. AfriHealth also calls for the deployment of IT for the development of drug information and records, for the study and control of epidemics, for research and dissemination of information, for distance learning in the medical profession, and to reduce costs and improve productivity.

The use of Cellular Telephone technology has remarkable potential in the development of the Healthcare Industry in Africa. The conference is the ideal opportunity to share developments and to explore opportunities.

Who should attend:-
* Clinicians and other health professionals
* Health information technology users and buyers
* Hospital suppliers
* Directors and administrators
* Health Informatics Professionals
* Academics
* NGO,s involved in healthcare Sector
* Health Management organizations
* Pharmaceutical Companies
* Relevant public authorities and policy makers on regional and national levels
* Relevant standardization and competent authorities on international and national levels
* Vendors ( i.e. software and hardware development companies and professional services firms)

We sincerely hope that you will join us in making the conference a success. We look forward to welcoming you to Nairobi and to AfriHealth 2011.

There will also be an exhibition running in parallel to the Conference. Please contact us at info@aitecafrica.com if you wish to book your exhibition space.

Official site www.aitecafrica.com


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